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Your bottle shot on a textured surface with a background.

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Looking for more than our standard environment or cutout wine bottle shots? We'll be glad to put together a custom wine bottle photography shoot for you. We'll also be more than happy to schedule an on-site shoot at your winery. Share your idea with us, or we can put our heads together to conjure up some creative magic. The sky's the limit with Clever Bottle Shots.

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* We try to provide you with the most professional and clean looking photos possible. Bottles and labels that are scratched, torn, have the bottle mold line down the front, or require extra touching up, may increase the cost of the bottle shot. Please try to provide the most pristine bottle and label for each wine. Thank you!

** We do not remove back labels by default on white and rosé wines. Depending on the label design, the back label may show through. We can optionally Photoshop the back label out of the photo, however the best option is to provide us a bottle without the back label.